Around the cycle.

Three phases, at the same time.

We prepare, run and evaluate courses, all at the same time.

Our systems need to speak this language and help us navigate it effectively.

Planning and preparation

Getting things right starts with the right beginning. Planning tools and systems are key to being effective.

This phase leans heavily on capacity planning and resource use.

CourseGrids assists with visualizing course elements, clear and straightforward layout of detail, and reporting and summaries that give you insight.

Realtime and monitoring.

We operate in the real world. We need constant data from the field, as well as overlays and information from weather, agencies and emergency coordination.

As well, our staff are now digital natives. They expect more from the systems they work with and will be able to use digital information systems in the field.

Analysis and learning.

Analytics and data collection, from the information out of our courses. This will aid:

  • UPLOADS activity day reporting

  • Training capacity reporting

  • Campsite useage for environmental, agency and other reports

  • Workforce planning

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The CourseGrids project is happening now.

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