“What if the outline was digital?”

Imagine the future.

During 2021, a number of conversations kept coming back to a single idea:

What if we could model our courses in a better way?

These conversations led to a prototype being developed and viewed. Although it was basic, enough detail was in place to show the shape of things to come.

The CourseGrids project.

The next stage is to launch an early-access platform, and get some real world use. This will allow a full assessment of the right direction, and what the best building blocks are.

CourseGrids course overview.


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Planning is essential.

The outline is the foundational document for our sector.

Digitizing it will unlock a host of communication and effectiveness boosts to your people.

Seeing is believing.

Visual layout of information makes sense to people who read maps.

Being able to view the same information on a map, a grid, in a chart is key to unlocking the power of data.

Complex is the reality.

Running outdoor courses at scale is complex.

Engage with the detail - we do it in the field, all the time.

A digital outline system is the building block on which other systems - bookings, staffing, risk management - can be based.

A streamlined approach, in one place

To manage detail, avoid rework and communicate intent

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The CourseGrids project is happening now.

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